AUTUMN & WINTER 2017/2018

Digital Detox / Forest Bathing   (only for the brave!)

The DD/FB dates are chosen around either a Full Moon or New Moon in order to release that what no longer serves us and set new intentions for the future. Arrival day is on Monday (noon) and departures on Saturday (noon). In order to keep the vibes intimate and cozy, maximum 10 participants per week.
DD/FB 1: 27 November – 2 December (New Moon)
DD/FB 2: 11-16 December (Full moon)
DD/FB 3: 15-20 January (New Moon)
DD/FB 4: 29 January – 3 February (Full Moon)

Your contirbution of 350 euro (EARLY BIRD price until October 31ts) or 400 euro (after October 31st) includes  accommodation in a shared greenhouse (incl bed linnen),  3x fresh  homecooked wholefood organic meals per day, Luxury Life activities  as described on  the bottom of this page and supports our continous efforts towards a more sustainable future for all.

If you are already convinced that you deserve a week of digital detoxing, forest bathing and wild adventures, please drop me an email on with your full name and preffered dates. Otherwise keep on reading.

After the very interesting and beautiful experiences during the variety of courses this summer, I took the intense energy in August to unplug myself and to find silence, peace and answers for the upcoming months in Nature’s warm embrace. Many of you express their interest in the life I am living now and how I got here.

I am incredibly grateful for the beauty, abundance, peace, joy and some times heavy internal and external storms I experience here and I feel it’s time to share this off-grid Luxury Life with you exactly how it is.

During my first year on the land I was blessed to welcome approximately 100 visitors at A vida Fausto. It taught me that getting out of your comfort zone and spending your waking hours outdoors  is one step to find the way back to yourself, logging out from Facebook and other online distractions to find a stronger connection with nature and therefore yourself is another one. That’s not just my personal experience, the positive effects of Forest Bathing on body and mind are now even scientifically proven as described here.

Since I moved to paradise I am much more in tune with the natural cycles. I wake up with the sun and go to bed when the forest is covered in darkness. Rather than a calendar, I follow the cycle of the moon to determine whether I have to be active or when it’s time to stand still. Whenever I experience an intense wave of emotions that wants to be released I hike up the mountains or spend the day with physical work in the woods and feel so much lighter and recharged afterwards. In order to feel healthy and strong I make sure that I feed my body a fresh, varied, mineral and protein rich plant based organic diet and minimise the intake of toxic substances and energy. The most profound discovery over the pays year, is that it’s my responsibility to, guard, protect and reside in my personal place of inner peace. No matter what the external reality is reflecting back at me or the distractions our society is build upon, as long as I make sure that I find my way back to this precious place, everything around me improves for the better too.

I received tons of loving feedback from those who spend some time here, often expressing their gratitude for the inspiration and positive transformation they went through in a relatively short time. Simply from just being here.

Nature as your teacher

For those who know me personally, or got to know me online, I never identified with the spiritual/new age community or self acclaimed spiritual gurus. For me spirituality is not so much about “being spiritual” as well as discovering more and more who I truly am. In essence we are all spiritual energy beings and this information is still tucked in our DNA. Being able to access this information, to practice new discoveries in daily interactions with life and to observe and follow the subtle clues of my various bodies allows for the universal energy to flow through me, opening up an entirely new and often magical way of existence.

To me spirituality is about the embodiment of that what we discover and learn about ourselves and our human existence while keeping our feet steadily on the ground.

We all have become aware of the issues we are collectively facing on our planet. I don’t believe that Mother Nature or our Planet needs to be saved, but the only thing we urgently need is a shift in consciousness among us, humans. The time of acting spritual and endless talking are long gone, it’s time to walk the talk and march all together into a new, more sustainable, direction where true joy, happiness and freedom prevail. Looking outside of yourself for solutions isn’t the answer, because you only find them with you. The trees, animals, butterflies, eagles, snakes, water, the sun, moon, stars, soil and everything in between have become the most valuable teachers for me to unlock these doors and find a clear path. The good news of that is, that all of these teachers are available to all of us 24/7, year round, free of costs!

Not really knowing what Autumn and Winter would bring the first year of living in the forest and mainly outside, I was positively surprised with how much I loved these seasons. During a bonfire conversation or shared time in the Moon lodge,I will share with you my experiences on how to overcome fear that keep you from doing what you desire the most. What I’ve learned about prioritising the flow of life and honouring and nurturing my own life energy above anything else. How I am able to receive abundantly and experience magic (yeah the Harry Potter kind) on a daily base. What challenges come up and how to overcome them. We will engage in various activities in Nature, whether here on the land or in the beautiful surrounding areas. We may pay a visit to one of my amazing neighbours and get inspired by their projects and view on life. We also may be challenged by the natural elements, but will discover the beauty in any hardship we may endure. Last year I experienced an abundantly autumn and gorgeous mild winter, but if this year presents something different we’ll find peace and comfort in the many resources that are available to us.

DD/FB Elements

Since I personally don’t believe strict programs and set itineraries do us any good, I choose to keep everything open in order to ask what the day wants us to do, what we feel like doing and what the elements are telling us. There are infinite possibilities, but here’s a selection of possible experiences we can chose to enjoy together:
Forest bathing
Conquering mountains
A chat with the moon: Sacred Rituals
“On top of the world” sunset sessions
Wild foraging Hikes
Easy meditation practices to deeply connect with plants, trees, animals and Mother Earth
Bonfire conversations
Working in the woods
Figs & Forest feasts
Experience the healing power of water at the waterfall
Bathing in Animal cuddles
Outdoor showering
Learning about wild edible plants that grow abundantly around us
Visit inspiring neighbors and their projects
Cooking Chai on open fire
Autumn Abundance Food Celebration
Introduction to Astrology, reading your individual chart

At A vida Fausto there are no musts or “I have to’s”, only “I want to’s”. Every day you can decide if you participate in any of the activities  or rather chill in a hammock or do something on your own. Looking forward to celebrate the Luxury Life with you during these abundant seasons! For more info, drop me an email

With love,